10 Ways to Avoid Invalidating Your Car Insurance

Having car insurance can give you utmost peace of mind. That's because you know that someone's got your back should the unthinkable happens. You know - an accident.

But did you know that the car insurance you purchased can in fact be invalidated? You don't need to do a lot - even something as simple as telling a little white lie or allowing your car to be driven by someone whose name isn't included on your insurance policy can keep you from getting your claim covered.

Continue reading this article if you want to make sure that your car insurance won't end up being nullified and your wallet getting a nasty dent just like your car - the following are 10 of the things that you may do to avoid having your car insurance unexpectedly winding up in the gutter.

Jazzing Up Your Car

Nothing can make you stop traffic more than driving around in a cool-looking car. The good news is that turning your car from basic to sleek is as simple as having it modified to your heart's content.

Unfortunately, this is something that can easily invalidate your car insurance. So before you spruce up your car, stop and discuss the matter with your insurer.

Safeguarding Those Keys is Key

Failure to keep your car keys away from the sight of crooks can definitely lead to you losing not only your prized possession but also car insurance.

That is why you should guard your keys with all your life - if your car insurance company learns that the reason why you lost your car is carelessness, you will certainly lose your claim as well.

Choosing the Wrong Class of Use

You know very well your reason for buying and insuring your car. It's for this reason exactly why you should correctly select the class of use that will reflect the way you will be using your car.

Business, commuting, and social, domestic and pleasure - these are your options. Driving your car for something that it's not covered for will result in your claim being rejected.

Stating You're the Only Main Driver

Fronting: it's the fancy term used by car insurance companies (and also the court!) when someone says that he or she is the main driver of the car when in fact someone else is using it most of the time.

Getting your car insurance invalidated is not the only consequence of fronting - it's also something that could land you in jail as it's a form of insurance fraud!

Mistaking the Road for a Race Track

You like to satisfy your need for speed each time a police officer is nowhere in sight. Flooding your bloodstream with adrenaline in this manner, sadly, could leave your car insurance void.

If you don't want your wallet to suffer, always make sure that you observe road rules every single time to keep your driving record squeaky clean.

Using a Car in a Bad Condition

Preventing invalidation of your car insurance not only entails having a driving record in tip-top form, but also a car that's in an excellent shape. So in other words, you should give your car the TLC it deserves.

Nothing can nullify your car insurance faster than your insurer learning that the accident or any other problem is brought about by poor maintenance of your car.

Driving With a Distracting Pet

If you love driving as much as you love your pet, it's possible for you to invalidate your car insurance particularly if you fail to restrain your pet while the two of you are on the move.

Check that you use a carrier, cage, harness, restraint, guard or any other tool necessary for keeping your pet from distracting you, which could easily lead to an accident.

Parking Anywhere You Like at Night

No one can really keep his or her car in just one spot every day of the year. It's okay - just see to it that you inform your insurer without delay if there's a need to park your car at a different location at night.

Failure to do so could leave your car insurance invalidated most especially if the various locations where you park your car are of sizable distance away from one another.

Forgetting to Update Details

To keep your car insurance up and running, always remember to get in touch with your insurer each time there are changes in your life that could affect matters that have something to do with your car.

Some of the instances that warrant updating your car insurance details include: selling your car, changing your car, upgrading your car and moving to a new address.

Attempting to Bring Down Your Premium

Nothing is fun with shelling out a huge sum of money for your monthly premiums. That is why it can be very tempting to tell lies for the sake of saving your pocket from ending up empty. However, don't!

We all know to where bending the truth will lead: an insurance fraud lawsuit! And by the way, it will also end up in you getting your car insurance invalidated.

As you can see, it doesn't take a lot to get your car insurance invalidated. Keep the things mentioned above in mind and you're golden!

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